Shinny Stars Ice Surface Titanium Chopsticks–Will be launched on August.

Shinny Stars Ice Surface Slippery Pure Titanium Chopsticks

New Shinny Stars Ice Surface Titanium Chopsticks–Will be launched on August. You will never seen these colors before, like shinny stars in heaven. We upgraded crafts be perfect, like ice, slippery feeling, not easy to scratch. We love it so much, new samples will be finished around August !!!

Stainless Steel Snow Multi tool

snow multi tool

Our multi-tool features incredible 18 tools, flathead screwdrivers, # 3 and # 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen screws, 1/4 box cutter in end keys 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 mm end key. This multi-functional tool is made of stainless steel. Small size has broad uses, it can be a wrench, screwdriver […]

High Load-bearing Titanium Carabiner– Super Quality. Everybody should take one.

High Load-bearing Titanium Carabiner-

Titanium Mini High Loading-bearing Carabiner Have you given much thought about split keyrings? No? Ok, me neither. But let’s do that now. The split keyring has remained virtually unchanged in decades. That is until now. This titanium carabiner is the keyring reinvented.  It has also become popular with medical manufactures since it is completely non-toxic […]

Titanium Chopspticks Blue Anodizing–We made it !!!

As a daily necessities, chopsticks have always been the focus of many companies and testing organizations. They have also experienced public panic caused by a news that “wood chopsticks are prone to mildew”. In fact, due to the material structure of wood bamboo chopsticks and plastic chopsticks, it is easy to breed bacteria, and the […]

Stainless Steel Wire Key Rings

Stainless Steel Wire Key Chain Ring Cable Wire Key Ring Keychains

Key rings can be a pain, especially if you frequently remove, add, or rearrange things on them. Cable key rings remove the hassle, and banged-up fingers and nails, that come with traditional rings. What is a cable key ring? Instead of the traditional shape of a key ring—a tight metal ring with overlapping prongs to […]

Steel Wire Rope Lifting Slings


Steel Wire Rope Lifting Slings, Higher rated capacity than hand-spliced sling. Wire rope will fail if worn, cut, overloaded, misused, damaged improperly maintained, or abused. Wire Rope failure may cause serious Death or Injury. All slings and assemblies are permanently marked with safe working loads.  Lifting Slings,use wire rope constructed of six outer strands laid over a single […]

Titanium Keychain

titanium keychain

Check out our titanium keychain selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our keychains shops. We have many versions of surface finish for you choose: sandblasting, shinny polishing, blue anodizing, Polishing worked by our skilled persons, smooth hand feeling, very good looking,you must be love it, more titanium keychains at:

A lightweight, titanium EDC carabiner

Titanium Alloy TC4 Carabiner Holder

Beautifully machined piece of Titanium! Titanium as a kind of new and health materials, it come to be known to many people. Some people have allergy to steel, stainless steel, copper materials, well, you need our titanium carabiner. Its pretty lightweight, easy to carry, unique high-strength corrosion resistance characteristics.This is a really a great keychain and […]

Titanium Industry Development Trend


China’s titanium demand in the past decade: Since 2008, the demand for titanium in China has generally increased. In 2011, the titanium market reached a stage high. After that, domestic titanium demand began to decline, and China’s titanium industry experienced structural capacity. Excessive, high-end titanium materials for aviation are in short supply, and the production […]

Summer is coming, you really need a titanium straw!!!

We’ve just finished 4000pcs titanium bend straws, 6*215mm.  Sandblasting finish, looks great. 🙂 Since Seattle have already banned plastic straws in July 1st.2018, Starbucks made a statement after then, they will not using plastics straws any more. I believe many people will join in” No Plastics Straw” group along with the increasing problem of energy […]